A man got a Can I pet your dog? tattoo to help overcome his social anxiety


Grossman recently took a trip to Portland, which he described as a “dog-lover city.” It was there that he decided to finally turn his tattoo idea into something permanent. 

“We were just walking down the street and there would be 20 dogs you’d see down the road — it was heaven,” Grossman said. “There were so many dogs that I was able to pet, and everyone I spoke to loved the idea of the tattoo when I told them about it. So finally I said, ‘You know what? I’m doing it.'”

The day after he got inked, Grossman posted a photo of the tattoo on the “Dogspotting Society” Facebook group, where it amassed thousands upon thousands of likes. 


Grossman shows off his new tattoo and his rescue corgi Lily.
Chase Grossman

Even before getting his new tattoo, Grossman had a special trick for meeting new pooches. His own dog — a 12-year-old rescue corgi named Lily — helps pull him “to go see people,” he told Insider. 

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Still, since he got the unique tattoo last week, Grossman said he has definitely pet more dogs and, incidentally, met more people as well.

“It’s helped me a lot with just approaching people,” he added. 


Grossman’s dog, Lily.
Chase Grossman

Some people are so impressed by Grossman’s ink that they’ve expressed interest in getting their own version of the tattoo.

“I’m just surprised that it’s gotten so much attention, people even want the tattoo now,” Grossman said. “People who never wanted tattoos have said ‘If I get a tattoo, this is it.’ People have asked me if it’s okay to copy me and, yeah, absolutely.”

“It really brings people smiles,” Grossman added. “If it makes somebody’s day, it makes my day.”

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