Thursdays Best Deals: Dell QHD Monitor, Home Depot Fire Safety, Athletic Shorts, and More


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A really nice Dell computer monitor, safety gear to keep you alive in a fire, and cheap-as-hell athletic Amazon Essentials shorts.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

Right now you can pick up this Dell 32″ monitor for just $180. That’s a terrific deal when you consider everything it offers.

This 2560 X 1440 monitor refreshes at 60hz and 99% sRGB, which is awesome for editing photos and videos. And while it’s not necessarily a gaming monitor, it has AMD FreeSync which can help minimizes lag and prevent image tearing.

(Also, it’d be perfect to pair with a cheap Nintendo Switch dock for some desktop gaming. Especially since we now know Overwatch tops out at 30 frames-per-second.)

This type of monitor enables you to have a ton of windows open at the same time without the unsightly gap in between like you’d find in dual monitor setups.

Make sure to pick yours up early, I doubt this deal will stay discounted for long.

Samsung 65″ 4K UHD The Frame QLED Smart TV | $1,598 | Amazon and Walmart
Samsung 55″ 4K UHD The Frame QLED Smart TV | $1,098 | Amazon and Walmart
Samsung 49″ 4K UHD The Frame QLED Smart TV | $898 | Amazon and Walmart
Samsung 43″ 4K UHD The Frame QLED Smart TV | $798 | Amazon and Walmart

If you’re looking for a classy way to incorporate a TV into your living room, The Frame QLED Smart TV is the way to go and right now, the entire 2019 lineup is on sale thanks to today’s sale. These TVs show off works of art when you’re not watching TV.

These TVs can act as a home theater when you want, but will fade away into the background when not needed. Samsung also included a “no gap wall mount” to help it blend into your gallery wall. Better still, these are much more than just an accent piece, they’re actually terrific TVs.

They’re 4K UHD (2160P) with the vibrant colors you’d expect from a QLED Samsung set. Choose from a 65″ set for $1,598 (also at Walmart,) 55″ for $1,098 (also at Walmart,) 49″ model for $898 (also at Walmart,) and a 43″ model for less than $798 (also at Walmart.) These are the lowest prices we’ve seen on these particular 2019 sets. And

And if you just want a great Samsung TV without the art display feature, you have options here, and at Woot, too.

We see deals all the time on USB-A to USB-C cables, but discounts on C-to-C cables, which are necessary for faster Power Delivery charging, are a bit less common. Today though, you can get a 6′ Anker PowerLine II C-to-C cable for $10 with promo code ANKER842.

PowerLine II cables are incredibly durable, and also come with a lifetime warranty, so if you ever do wear it out, you can contact Anker for a free replacement.

Note: The code is valid on both black and white cables.

Today’s Best Home Deals

It’s not as flashy as some of Butcher Box’s lifetime offers, which add extra meat to every box as long as you’re a customer, but their latest deal gets you a ton of extras in your first delivery.

If you sign up for a new membership right now, your first box will include two pounds of wild Alaskan salmon fillets, and four 6 oz. top sirloin steaks, in addition to whatever else would have been in the box anyway. That’s several nights’ worth of free meals…or one epic surf & turf party.

Your bonus come bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxes, which are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, which can be delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.

French press is your favorite way to make coffee, and it’ll be an even more aesthetically pleasing process with this 100% stainless steel press for just $22 after you clip the 10% coupon and use promo code A25W7WCC.

Most of the French press deals we see are for 34 oz. (1 L) models, but this one is 50% larger at 51 oz, so you can either make enough coffee to share, or just get dangerously caffeinated.

I know this thing is called a Camp Cup, but Miir’s popular drinking vessel will be your favorite mug whether you’re using it in the woods, at home, or in the office.

From our review on The Inventory:

The MiiR Camp Cup stays true to the classic form factor, while adding a generously-sized handle, snap-on sip-through lid, double wall vacuum insulation, and medical grade stainless steel construction that won’t sweat, burn you, or transfer flavor.

The handsome Red Speckled colorway is marked down to $19 on Amazon right now from the usual $30, and our exclusive 20KinjaDeal promo code will save you an extra 20% at checkout. It’s a little early to start thinking this way, but at $15, this is right in stocking stuffer territory.

Somewhat counterintuitively, dull kitchen knives are more dangerous than sharp ones, as they require more pressure to use, and are more likely to slip off the side of whatever you’re cutting, and into your hand.

Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new knife to get a sharp edge; this professional electric sharpener is down to $100 on Amazon today. Boasting a fantastic 4.6 star review average from over 1,400 Amazon customers, the Chef’s Choice 15 XV can even convert standard 20 degree edges into even sharper 15 degree edges, meaning your knives could actually come out sharper than they were when you first bought them.

Usually, when there’s a deal on Rubbermaid’s top-selling FreshWorks containers, it’s on the 2-pack. But today, you can augment your collection with an individual large container for $8.

If you aren’t familiar with these things, each FreshWorks product includes a “crisp tray” which elevates your produce off the bottom of the container, giving moisture a place to drip, and air enough room to flow. The lids also include special filters that regulate the flow of oxygen and CO2 into and out of the containers, allowing your fruits and vegetables to stay fresher, longer.

Fire. It’s bad! And while nobody wants to think about house fires, you absolutely need to be prepared for them. Today only, Home Depot’s making it easier with a big sale on smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

The absolute highlight of the sale is the 2-pack of Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for $190 (battery-powered and wired are both available), down from the usual price of $129 each. Even by Nest’s standards, the Protects basically never go on sale (I know, I’ve been waiting on a good deal on them for months), and they’re worth it just for the fact that they warn you with a voice if your kitchen is a little bit smoky, rather than going straight to the ear-piercing alarm.

It’s a $1 bowl. Serve kale in it. Looks like it’s out of stock, but you can still order it. You can wear it like a hat, too, if that’s your thing. It doesn’t connect via WiFi, it’s a 8″ bowl. It’d be a pretty bad frisbee.

We’ve long been fans of Ghost Paper’s notebooks, which feature subtly embossed lines that you can actually feel as you write, and now you can save 20% on the company’s notebooks (including a new model!) with promo code KINJA1019.

From our Inventory write-up:

Ghost Paper uses texture, rather than ink, to create the alternating embossed and debossed lines on its pages. The effect is subtle, even invisible at certain angles, and straddles the line of offering tactile feedback without interrupting pen and pencil marks.

Since then, our readers have bought thousands of the company’s 96-page faux leather-bound notebook, which is back on sale for $20 with code KINJA1019 today. That code will also save you 20% on the brand new, 200-page spiral-bound version, which is actually cheaper despite having more than twice as many pages. The cover and binding aren’t as premium, but Ghost Paper sent me a few spiral bounds to check out, and the embossed lined paper is just as good, which is what really matters.

Anker makes night lights, and they don’t even have to be plugged into a wall. You just stick them anywhere, and they turn on when it’s a) dark enough and b) when they detect motion. This week on Amazon, you can get three of them for $12, down from the usual $15.

Just note that they run for up to a year on three AAA batteries each (not included), so you’ll want to pick up some rechargeables.

I don’t need to be the one to tell you that Halloween will be here before you know it. Time is moving fast, so why not enjoy a lot of candy? Right now, you can get up to 30% off Select Candy on Amazon. Do yourself a favor and order some discounted candy, you totally won’t eat it all before October 31st.

Toilet paper, for reasons that should be obvious, is not a purchase you should skimp on. Could you find 24 large rolls of single ply for $19? Sure, of course. But this is Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare, and it’s softer, more absorbent, and can stand up to moisture far better than the cheap stuff.

Clip the coupon on the page to pinch 20% off the price of the 24-pack. When combined with Subscribe & Save, it’ll get flushed down to $19, within a few cents of the best price we’ve ever seen.

Anker RoboVac 30c | $210 | Amazon | Clip the $20 coupon and use promo code robovac30C

Anker’s Eufy RoboVac line has been a hit with our readers, to say the least, and now you can save $90 on the powerful 30C model with promo code robovac30C, complete with smartphone and Alexa support.

The RoboVac 30c is the same size as the RoboVac 11s (which is to say, it’s very thin), but has stronger suction (1500Pa vs. 1300, and for comparison, the old RoboVac 10 only had 400), Wi-Fi support, and includes guide strips that you can lay down anywhere in your home (like in front of cords on the ground) to warn the vacuum to steer clear.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Repel’s travel umbrella might not look like anything special, but with teflon coating to keep the rain off, and an array of nine fiberglass ribs (compared to six or eight aluminum on most umbrellas) to keep the wind from blowing it to bits, it’s truly built to last.

No wonder it’s our readers’ favorite umbrella.

We rarely see significant deals on this model, but it’s down under $20 on Amazon right now, which is only about $3.50 less than usual, but that’s still about as good a deal as you’re likely to get. Plus, promo code ADV10OFF will save you an extra 10% at checkout.

Prep for the inbound cold weather with this $9 Northern Explosion men’s thermal underwear set. Choose from black and gray varieties, this thermal long sleeve and long bottom is perfect for wearing as a base layer underneath the rest of your clothes.

If you want to watch your weight as we enter the food-packed holiday season, a smart scale can keep you honest by tracking your progress over time, and syncing to your other fitness and diet apps via Apple HomeKit and Google Fit.

Anker’s newest Eufy Smart Scale promises to be more accurate than previous models, and can track other vitals beyond just weight, like BMI, body fat, and more, and you can add it to your bathroom for just $30 today, down from the usual $45.

Amazon makes athletic shorts now, apparently, and you can get two pairs of them for $14 right now, an all-time low. You even get to choose your favorite color combination, if two pairs of black shorts don’t appeal to you. I know it’s getting cold out soon, but you could always layer the shorts with leggings, wear them around the house when you want to be comfortable, or stash them behind your bed (apparently!)

Today’s Best Media Deals

Human beings. At some point in our insignificant, painful lives, we will have to speak publicly. The topic? Something we are neither passionate about or competent in. But thankfully, a Kindle copy of the TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking is down to just $3 to help us out.

For some of us, it’s a great use of those Amazon digital credits we’ve all built up for that thing we impulse bought, but didn’t need right away. But that’s humanity isn’t it? An endless cycle of consumerism, discomfort and disappointment.

But perhaps, we’ll all find a way to talk our way out of that.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

I realize it’s early October, but this illustrated Die Hard Christmas book is a great read all year long, and at $11, it’s within about $1 of an all-time low price. Even if it lives in your Christmas decoration storage box for 11 months of the year, it could still be worth grabbing with this sale.

By now, you probably own a 4K TV. But the vast majority of the things you watch on it are not 4K. It’s time to change that.

For a limited time, Vudu’s running a sale on 22 popular films (priced at $7-$8 each), including recent releases like Detective Pikachu and Shazam, and must-owns like The Dark Knight, The Notebook, and The Lord of the Rings. When you make your purchase, just be sure to select the UHD option to get the full 4K and Dolby Atmos experience.

Best of all, all of the films are compatible with Movies Anywhere, so you can link your iTunes, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft accounts, and download your purchased films through the service of your choice.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

I realize that you’re not used to paying $99 for a board game, but you should make an exception for Gloomhaven. It’s Board Game Geek’s #1 board game ever, and is “astoundingly good” according to Ars Technica. Hell, it weighs 20 pounds! It was also a finalist in our recent board game Co-Op on The Inventory. If you love board games, this should be on your bucket list.

The days of the game being consistently out of stock online seem to be over (knock on wood), but even so, $99 is a really solid price and $4 off what’s currently on Amazon, so if you’re in the market for a winter-long tabletop campaign, it’s time to pull the trigger.

The game includes permanent stickers that transform the board as you play, but you can grab this removable, vinyl sticker pack instead, if you want to replay.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition, the best Spider-Man game of all time is down to a low $34. The Game of the Year edition includes all of the DLC, including additional missions and, more importantly, suits.

This current price is the lowest we’ve ever seen. So swing by before this deal goes the way of Gwen Stacy, Uncle Ben, Tony Stark, etc.

We’ve come a long way from those cheap plastic wheels that hold your Wiimotes and Joy-Con. Hori’s newest Nintendo-licensed Switch peripheral is a legit racing wheel and pedal set for Mario Kart and other racing games, and you can preorder yours now.

The wheel and pedals connect to your Switch (or Windows PC) over USB, and feature all of the buttons you’d get on a regular Switch controller. At a modest $70, don’t expect force feedback or gear shifters, but it should still provide as immersive an experience as you could ever want from Mario Kart. Preorders are live on Amazon now, with release slated for November 12.

Hori’s also releasing a Deluxe version for $150 with paddle shifters, dead zone adjustment, and adjustable wheel sensitivity, but it’s not yet clear if that model will be released in the U.S. For what it’s worth, you can order the Japanese version from Play Asia here.

Before another commenter yells at me “it isn’t even Halloween, enough Christmas stuff,” sorry friend. LEGO doesn’t care. Christmas shopping starts right now. The LEGO Stars Wars Advent Calendar is 280 pieces and includes 24 mini-figures, like Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, a Porg, and more. The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is 305 pieces and includes seven mini-figures (obviously that includes Ron, Harry, and Hermione).

Both calendars are a couple of bucks off today, so you’ll want to get them now before they jack up the price for Christmas.





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Deals You May Have Missed

Need a fresh Marvel fix? Arcade1Up’s latest 3/4-sized arcade cabinet features two Marvel-licensed fighting games (1995’s Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men: Children of the Atom) as well as 1993’s The Punisher beat ‘em up game which features Nick Fury as Player 2’s character.

Walmart’s got the cabinet bundled with a matching riser on sale for $380 right now, or $20-$70 less than you’d find it elsewhere. Best of all? No quarter required.

If you have any fans of The Office on your holiday shopping list, you can can ahead and cross them off, because Pop Chart’s latest poster is the perfect gift for any Dunder Mifflinite.

The 36 x 24 print features nearly 200 characters that appeared on the show (including six of Michael Scott’s more memorable characters), along with their names, job titles, and in true Pop Chart fashion, color-coded labels to situate them within The Office’s cinematic universe. For example, yellow titles indicate Dundie award winners, different shades of green tell you if the character ever worked at Athlead or The Michael Scott Paper Company, and red labels highlight any romantic connections between the characters (Captain Jack – One night stand: Meredith Palmer).

If you preorder with promo code SCHRUTEBUCKS by Thursday of this week, you’ll get 20% off your order, including any frames and hanging supplies you bundle. But just be warned that the print doesn’t actually ship until October 21 (they have a lot of reams of paper to get through), so we hope you can last that long.

That’s what she said.

Twin Peaks is getting a definitive Blu-ray collector’s edition in December, and you can preorder it now for the lowest price Amazon’s listed yet.

CBS Home Entertainment is finally releasing what can only be described as an “ultimate” Twin Peaks box set, which includes—extremely deep breath—seasons one and two of the original series (with the U.S. and international versions of the pilot), all 18 episodes of The Return, Fire Walk With Me (and the Missing Pieces bonus content), new interviews and featurettes, and unedited versions of every Roadhouse musical performance. Perhaps most enticing of all is a 4K UHD disc containing the original U.S. pilot (“newly-transferred from film elements) and the hallowed eighth episode from The Return.

Only 25,000 of these sets will ever be sold, and nearly 1,000 of you already bought them from this AV Club article, so we’re getting down to the wire here. $133 is a few bucks less than it’s been going for, and if it gets any cheaper prior to release, you’ll automatically get the best price.

Sure, now’s an a good time of year to be hanging out outdoors, but good sunglasses are timeless. And there’s no better time than now to slide on a brand new pair of Ray-Ban shades from Nordstrom Rack, since the iconic eyewear brand is having its day in the sun with half off a wide selection styles. Now don’t be shady; shop this deal now so you can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Lands’ End makes the kind of apparel that a preppier, more put-together you would wear, like cardigans and button-downs, as opposed to the ratty sweatshirts you often resort to this time of year. Now, that classic look is more attainable than ever with up to 50% off full-price styles from the retailer. Just use promo code HAYRIDE, along with pin 1050, and outfit yourself and your entire family in the stylish wardrobe you all deserve.

Urban Decay is known for delivering ultra saturated shades with edgy names, and today, you can pick up a palette’s worth and then some for a steal. Nordstrom Rack is offering up a range of eyeshadows, highlighters, and blushes featuring a rainbow of bold hues and glittery textures, all for up to 50% off. There are even a handful of offerings from their cult-favorite Naked line and a couple limited-edition Game of Thrones palettes. Fill your makeup drawers now before this deal decays into nothingness.

Bonobos is stocked with fall essentials, and you can take all of them home for less at the brand’s Quarter Back Sale, using promo code QUARTERBACK. With this deal, you’ll get 25% off everything on site. So make space in your closet for essentials like floral shirts, breezy sweaters, non-terrible T-shirts, chinos, jeans, button-downs, and suits, and get ready to look on the outside like the put together guy you are on the inside.

It’s time to reset your wardrobe for the upcoming new season. Luckily, PUMA is having a Private Sale with up to 70% off over 900 items. This sale is full of athleisure and sneakers, so let’s just say your wardrobe will look like it’s ready to hit the gym, even if you aren’t.

It’s my personal philosophy that you should try out Philosophy’s line clean, effective, and honestly, amazing smelling products, and there’s never been a better time to do that than during the brand’s current sale event. So use promo code MISSYOU to take advantage of 35% off your purchase, and pick up any product that catches your eye, like perhaps the acclaimed Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Face Mask or the fresh floral Amazing Grace fragrance spray. No matter what skincare philosophy you abide by, you can’t go wrong with this deal.

Bosch 12V Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit | $99 | Amazon | Add any eligible item of $1 or more for $20 off.

If you have any DIY projects on the docket, Amazon just drove the price of this Bosch 12-Volt combo kit down to $99.

That price gets you a PS41 impact driver and a PS31 drill-driver, plus a carrying case to keep them organized. We love Bosch’s 12V tools for their slimline battery design, which makes the drills much more maneuverable than the competition. I actually recently bought this exact set, and while I haven’t driven too many screws with them yet, they’re definitely more ergonomic than my old Black & Decker.

Victorinox Fibrox knives has long been some of our readers’ favorites, and at just $24, this 7.5-inch chef’s knife makes the cut, too. This stainless-steel, semi-flexible blade is specifically designed for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing, plus the textured Fibrox handle promises to prevent slipping, which could interfere with your perfect cut or, uh, your plans to keep all your digits intact. Get yours now, since this deal is certainly a cut above, and it likely won’t last long.

Getting a free Echo Show 5 with the purchase of a Ring Doorbell Pro is a good deal. Getting the Ring Doorbell Pro for $50 off and still getting the Echo Show 5 is a great deal. If you’re a Prime member, you’re eligible for the latter right now (discount shown at checkout).

The Echo Show 5, in addition to working as a full-fledged smart display, will be able to show you a live view of your new doorbell whenever it detects motion or if someone rings it, and will even let you talk to the person at your front door without lifting a finger.

Just note that the Ring Pro only works with existing doorbell wiring; it can’t run off a battery like Ring’s other doorbells.

Stop overpaying for lattes and cappuccinos at expensive coffee shops. You can make your own at home when you buy a PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother for $11. It has 19,000 rpm and will give you frothy milk in 15 to 20 seconds for your coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more.

If your dog needs to rest their weary bones after a long day, do them a favor and get them a new dog bed. Right now, you can get $8 off when you clip the coupon on-page for the BarkBox Large Gray Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed. The bed is 26″ x 36” x 3” and can fit dogs up to 65 pounds.

Just to be clear, it looks like only the large gray dog bed is currently on sale with this coupon. But little dogs love extra room, right?

Sharp’s countertop steam oven shrinks down the super-fast steam cooking tech you’d find in a lot of restaurant kitchens to an appliance the size of a large toaster oven, and the results are terrific. Steam, convection fans, and a broiler combine to cook your food way faster than a traditional oven, and you can get it on Amazon right now for $201, a whopping $299 less than its original price from when it launched last year.

I don’t expect it to be the next Instant Pot in terms of popularity, but anything that saves time in the kitchen is worth a look, in my book.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Costco membership, now is a perfect time to give in. For a limited time, Groupon is running a promotion where you can get a 1-Year Costco Gold Star Membership for $60. Plus, you’ll get a $20 Costco Shop Card and coupons.

Those exclusive Costco coupons are for:

  • Free Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean HE Laundry Detergent Pacs ($17.99 value)
  • Free Kirkland Signature Create-a-Size® Paper Towels ($15.99 value)
  • $10 off Fresh Meat (beef, chicken, pork, or fish; excludes deli items)
  • $25 off an order of $250+ on

This deal is for new customers only and not valid to current Costco members, nor is it eligible for people whose membership expired after May 1, 2019.

Not everyone has room for or wants a knife block on their counter. If you prefer to organize these things out of sight, a drawer organizer is your best bet. You can get the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray for $8 when you clip $2 coupon. You can safely store up to nine knives, with room for blades up to nine inches in length.

Klipsch’s The Sixes are great powered monitors by any measure (I’d encourage you to check out this review on CNET), and when you aren’t using them as part of a home theater setup, they also work with Bluetooth directly, so you can also just connect your phone wirelessly for a quick listening session without any dongles or receivers.

For a limited time, you can get the pair for $480, within $5 of an all-time low.

There’s no such thing as owning too many Qi pads, and you can grab this one from Anker for just $10 today with promo code QA2512DM.

The 10W pad has sleek undercarriage lighting to let you know when your device is properly aligned, and best of all, it utilizes a modern USB-C plug instead of the grody microUSB connector that’s only clinging to life because most Qi pad manufacturers keep inexplicably using it, as far as I can tell.

If you haven’t picked up the nostalgia bomb that is Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee, you can grab it for $30 on Amazon for Prime Day, a new all-time low price.

These games are basically modern, 3D remakes of the original Red and Blue games that you played on your Gameboy, and while they’re a bit easy by modern Pokémon standards, the series has never looked so good.

It’s perfect to kill time before Pokemon Shield and Sword come out.

Razer makes some of the best gaming mice out there, and today, you can pick up the latest wireless Mamba for an all-time low $74. In addition to Razer’s standard RGB backlighting, the highlights here are a 16,000 DPI sensor, seven programmable buttons, and a 50 hour battery.

Even if you’re only an occasional gamer, let us remind you that high quality gaming peripherals like these can be easily adapted to make you more productive at work as well.

$8 is less than you’d spend on a lot of basic, standard sized mouse pads. But today, that gets you a massive 2.5′ x 1′ model that can accommodate your keyboard as well. So luxurious! Just be sure to use promo code FPI74IUP at checkout to get the deal.

90 Days FREE | Amazon Music HD | New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers only
Screenshot: Amazon

Amazon Music HD is coming after Tidal with 50 million songs in 850kbps lossless format (compared to the standard 320kbps bitrate), and millions of select tunes in Hi-Res 3730kbps. If you’ve got the ear to detect the difference, and the equipment to take advantage, you can get your first three months of the service for free, if you’re a new Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber.

Interestingly, this deal is valid on both individual and family memberships, and once your 90 day trial is up, you’ll automatically be renewed at $15/month for individuals ($13 for Prime members) or $20/month for the family plan, unless you preemptively cancel.

Amazon’s in-house Goodthreads brand is always affordable, but for a limited time, a selection of its men’s shirts are even cheaper than usual.

I own a couple of their shirts (including this chambray, in a different color), and they’re both really great quality for the price. Today, you can save on fall flannels, classic Oxfords, fashionable dobby shirts, and a lot more. Most of the shirts are priced under $25 right now (you’ll have to select your size to see the final price, in many cases), so you won’t have to lose the shirt on your back buying them all.

Note: Many of the shirts are available in multiple colors, but not all of the colors are on sale.

The cold weather is on the way, so you’ll definitely need a jacket for the rest of the year. Luckily, several select items from Columbia that would be perfect for fall’s breeziest nights are 60% off their original price with promo code COLSAVE. Gear up now, and get ready for whatever the weather throws your way.

If you can’t get enough of quirky, cute stuff from Kate Spade, today’s your lucky day. Nordstrom Rack is hosting a series of flash sales on all things Kate Spade, from handbags and coats to jewelry and shoes. But if you want to snag the best stuff for yourself, you should hurry; items are already selling out.

Butter London is best known for quality nail polish made from clean ingredients, but the brand actually makes a wide range of cosmetics to glam up eyes, lips, and faces. And right now, you can add Butter to your makeup collection for less, with a 30% off sitewide at their Friends & Family Sale. Use promo code FAMILY30 to score tons of discounted polish and nail treatments, and maybe some super shimmery Eye Gloss, if you’re looking to expand your Butter horizons.

The Brazilian leather Daniel’s messenger bag is just the right size for modern (i.e. small) laptops, and is full of terrific touches. They rarely go on sale, but now through 10/5, you can save 25% on the briefcase of your choice with promo code FALL25.

From our Inventory review:

Unlike your backpack, the Daniel’s briefcase, composed of sustainable Brazilian leather, will only turn heads in a good way. Covered in thoughtful pockets (pocketry should be a word), the Daniel’s easily handles everything you need for a work day, a flight, or even a short trip you can get away with one pair of shoes on. Touches like the key hook are always welcome, though I would have loved a stretchable travel mug holder on the exterior.

The primary issue with most messenger bags/briefcases these days is that they’re just far too big and rigid. This sort of bag should be able to collapse flat in a suitcase when not needed, and shouldn’t be much thicker than a travel mug. Laptops just aren’t that big or fragile anymore, and messenger bags don’t need to double as DSLR bags or weekenders. Daniel’s commits none of those transgressions.

Promo code FALL25 will work on both the $195 standard model, as well as the new $220 versions with fun patterned interior liners. Business on the outside, party sailboats or foxes on the inside.

Unsubscribe from me right now if you don’t want Halloween deals for the next 31 days. If you’re smart, you’ll stick around. Right now, you can get a 400-count bag of MARS Chocolate Favorites Halloween Variety Mix Bag for only $23 on Amazon when you clip the $1 coupon. It includes Twix, M&M’s, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, and Milky Way.

If you’re in charge of buying candy for your group of friends or family, do yourself a favor and order a couple of bags. When you order five or more, you’ll get an extra $5 off your total.

And if chocolate isn’t your favorite Halloween candy, you can get a 200-count assortment of Skittles, Starburst, and Hubba Bubba for $12.

If you’ve been prepping for Halloween since Labor Day, welcome. Get your Halloween candy supply via Amazon this year and avoid the mess that is your local grocery store. Right now, you can get a 200-count of assorted Skittles, Starburst, and Hubba Bubba for $12 when you clip the $1 coupon. That price is about $4 cheaper than usual.

All-Clad skillets are among the most popular pieces of cookware we’ve ever posted, and Amazon’s marked the 12″ tri-ply down to its lowest price in about two years.

These skillets feature a durable stainless steel cooking surface, an even and rapid-heating aluminum core, and a beautiful stainless exterior, all sandwiched together to create the ultimate pan. And, like all All-Clad items, it comes with a lifetime warranty, though you probably won’t need it so long as you treat it well.

This RAVPower USB charger doesn’t have modern touches like USB-C Power Delivery or GaN innards, but it’s super-cheap at $8 (with promo code Q2RNU5LW), it can charge three devices at once, and it’s small enough to toss in your suitcase. It’s the kind of workhorse charger that we could all make use of.

Your next car charger should have USB-C Power Delivery, and one of our favorites is down to the best price we’ve seen with exclusive promo code KINJAPDS2.

Anker’s PowerDrive Speed+ 2 car charger includes one PowerIQ 2.0 port that can pump out Quick Charge speeds, plus a 30W USB-C PD port that’ll be fast enough to charge a laptop or a Nintendo Switch during a long road trip. But even during your normal commute, you could leverage that extra power to get more juice into your phone (even an iPhone with the right cable) before you reach your destination, even while you crank it up to full brightness while streaming audio and running your GPS.

Automatic pet feeders can be a great addition to your pet’s daily routine. If your dog or cat overeats, it can help you cut down on how much food they have available to them during the day. Or, if you’re running late, you can use an app to feed your pet once you get to work.

You can connect to the Smart Automatic Pet Feeder from your smartphone. You can access the wide-angle camera in order to get a 130-degree view of your pet, plus you can record video and snap photos. You can schedule up to four meals a day, in case you’ll be out of the house for longer than usual. The feeder also has a two-way microphone, so you can let your dog or cat know how much you love them when it is feeding time. Right now, get the feeder for $90 using the promo code KINJAPETS.

Summer is over, but vacations are forever. If you have a trip coming up, you’ll be happy to know that TRTL—the folks behind one of our favorite travel pillows—just unveiled its innovative new Pack Pods.

At a basic level, Pack Pods can be used just like traditional packing cubes when it comes to making packing easier and saving space in your suitcase. But the most notable departure here is that you can turn each Pack Pod into a duffel bag with TRTL’s removable shoulder strap. The straps even have a G Hook feature that allows you to hang them from the smallest of edges. You can use the Over Rail hanging loop to secure your pods on a rail in your hotel closet. Or, you can use the Daisy Chain to connect your pods together using the webbing loops on the back.

Bag it! Add the strap attachment and use the Large and Medium Packing Pods as a handy, cross body day bag

Hang Anywhere! Use the clever loop and hook system to hang your pods and never unpack again

Pack It! Packing Pods are designed to fit well in both suitcases and backpacks so you can stop trying to fit a square cube in a round bag

The Pack Pods come in a 3-pack with three sizes: large (15″x8″), medium (12″x6), and small (9″x4″) for $80. Since the TRTL Pack Pods only just released, you can get 20% off your order for a limited time with promo code PACK20.

Nike Sale | Nordstrom Rack
Image: Nordstrom Rack

When it comes to the sneaker-and-activewear space—let’s be honest—nothing really compares to Nike. And right now at Nordstrom Rack, you’ll find a whole lot of newly marked down Nike styles for men, women and, kids. Like, we’re talking over 1,700 marked-clothes, shoes, and accessories. But this sale will only last through October 5, so if you’re in need of new sneakers and/or workout gear, well, you know just what to do: it.

If we start buying clothes for fall, maybe the weather will start to consistently feel like Halloween is approaching. Right now, you can prep for cooler weather by restocking your closet with Jachs clothing. You can mix and match fleece crewnecks and hooded henleys to get two for $46 at Jachs. Just use promo code CZY at checkout.

Do you like fidget spinners, but want to actually accomplish something? There’s this new, wild product called the Rubik’s cube and it’s taking the nation by storm. And right now, it’ll cost you just $3.

Here’s what Eric said about it on The Inventory:

I got started solving Rubik’s cubes over a decade ago, and my first cube was the official one (now owned by Hasbro). It’s the one you can find in any toy story. It’s also not very good by modern standards.

If you’re a cube connoisseur like I unfortunately became, you’ll start to notice some problems. It’s stiff, it doesn’t rotate well, it gets caught. If you just want something to fiddle with, this is a fine, cheap option. But you can do better.

Actually, don’t listen to Eric. You probably don’t deserve better and he’s an Atlanta Reign fan. But in all seriousness, this is a good way to learn and a cheap one at that. It’s a few cents off the lowest price we’ve ever seen, so pick one up.

If you’re cool with buying used products, it could pay off in a big way. Amazon Warehouse is marking down thousands of used items for 20% off their already low prices. The discounts are hitting a ton of different categories, from video game consoles, clothes, headphones, monitors and more.

Look out for this.

Chances are we could all use something from this sale. Just a heads up, pay attention to the condition details (stay away from just “good,”) you need to make sure it’s sold by Amazon Warehouse and the discount will be shown at checkout. But don’t wait too long, there’s a limited supply, so if you want something, think Ariana Grande (“I See It, I Like It, I Want It, I Got It, etc.”)

Here’s a few I found interesting (you may need to click the “Available from these sellers” link to see the used options).

If you’re in need of some chill vibes, why not give CBD a try? Acclaimed CBD purveyor Sunday Scaries is taking 25% off sitewide, so you can stock up your CBD stores with everything from gummies (both vegan and non), tinctures, candy, and even energy shots. Use promo code SEPTEMBER25 to apply the discount to your order, and get ready to feel calm as hell.

Back in March, Private Internet Access (our readers’ favorite VPN service) raised its prices for the first time ever. And while our readers can still get an exclusive 3-years for $99 plan, they just lowered their other plans back to their old prices for a limited time.

zThe reason this is a big deal is that you can renew your membership as many times as you want at whatever price you originally paid. Once the prices go back to normal, you’ll still be locked into the lower rate.

Here are the new (old) promotional prices, along with what you’d normally pay:

  • 1 month: $6.95 (down from $9.99)
  • 1 year: $39.95 (down from $71.88)

Clearly, the annual plan is the sweet spot here if you don’t want to commit to the three-year plan, but $6.95/month for 10 simultaneous connections, clients for just about every conceivable device, and servers in 32 countries (foreign Netflix, anyone?). We aren’t sure when the prices will go back up, so you probably want to lock in your account ASAP.

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