Tory Burch offers $10,000 for return of missing dog Chicken


Tory Burch is offering a $10,000 reward for the return of her miniature poodle Chicken, who has gone missing. 

The designer shared an emotional plea for the seven-month-old puppy’s return on social media, where she wrote: “We are heartbroken, please help us find Chicken.” 

According to the designer’s post, Chicken was last seen on 56th Street and Madison Avenue in New York City on Sunday night. 

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Surveillance photos show the dog was with a couple, who reportedly said they planned to have the dog’s microchip scanned.

As of Tuesday, Chicken had not been returned home and his microchip had not been scanned, according to ABC7

“This is Chicken’s family,” Burch’s post continues. “Thank you so much for finding her! We know you are taking good care of her. Please help us bring Chicken home, as we miss her terribly! We will provide you with a great reward. You are our hero! We love her so much and want her to come home!” 

In addition to asking her Instagram followers for help, Burch has promised a “cash reward” and “no questions asked”.

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Those with any information have been directed to call 646-386-6674 or email

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